Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Summer in March?

The weather is just crazy- which in a way is wonderful and worrying. The temperatures have been dancing around 20 degrees celcius- please, I come from Scotland! It's like high summer! With sun!!

The Germans just think I am nuts. I have broken out my dresses and flip flops, my little guy is in his shorts and sun hat... They are still wearing fleeces and scarfs. The LOOKS I am getting. I should really take a photo of that!! =) Come the summer and the scolding heat- I can't cope. It is just too hot and the sun too hard. I hide all summer and end up paler than in the winter!

Soooooo, guiltily not been sewing much.

 It is like my little bug just knows its good out there. We have been spending a lot of time at the zoo... patting sheep, eating sasuages and generally enjoying life.

Look!! Little piglets!!

I love the zoo. You can also pat the Varies- they are like lemurs... oh, I love that. They have such soft hands!

So.... I have only a few days to finish this darn quilt... I feel I can do it. I am half way through the numbers and the letter side is done. All I have to do is finish the numbers and put the two together....

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Kristin G said...

Cutest baby ever!!

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