Friday, 30 November 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

What I have been up to!

Where does time go?? I had one delicious weekend where I could do as I wished and I managed to sew up a storm. I already managed to sew a pair of these army pants for my little guy- I lined them with a green fleece. These trousers where for a friends daughter so I put blue in them. I tried for pink but the shop had none left. I think it is a popular winter colour!!

Easily done... same patern time two, one in army fabric- trousers form a surplus store cute down to size and the fleece I bought new. Some elastic band and one of those nifty little elastic band holders.


I got given a whole bag of old shirts from a collegue of mine. He would like some shirts and some scarves made for his little guy.. this was the test shirt to see if it all fits. I don't know if you can see but even a bit og the pocket from his shirt was included!! I used the pre-made button panel- ha, why not? Worked out nicely... I just have like another 10 to do. (WHEN??!)

Oh, but it is sooooo much fun!

I bought this amazing lamp in Ikea. Love it. It was hollow and my fabulos brother gave me the simple idea of putting all those collected shells and stones inside it. Genius! Why I collect some much beach stuff I have no idea. At the time the colour looks great or the stone feels nice or really it is just os nice to pick something up and put it in your pocket to think about later. Eventually it lands up on a side table or in a box getting dusty and forgotten... this is such a lovely way to remember stones and shells. The light from the lamp is really very gentle and lights up all the goodies. Sadly they have a tendancy to fall out the bottom when lifted up and I am sure I can fix that with some sort of plug!

I have come to the conclusion I just need more time.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Cold light

On the way home this caught my eye... the sun on the cranes just outside my work. The light has that cold winter look to it. There is something definately colder about the light.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


The trees are on fire. Absolutely one of my favourite seaons. It is like a breath of fresh air.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Norway fun

'Seagull, it tastes a little like crow'- apparently.

I love Norway...

Lounging about
Most southern lighthouse in Norway. VERY WINDY!

Nasy I know, but it is life!

He can walk! One day he just decided, yup, I can do this and off he went.

His uncle sharing his spit sponge

Old abandond house. SO weird, there was furniture and everything, just left. The roof was coming in and the hosue was just rotting away into the wilderness.

Me and my wee one

My little guy and his uncle

Friday, 24 August 2012

Edinbrugh... Berlin...

A short trip back home was fun... stressful but fun. We went to a friends wedding- the friend who I have been making the quilt for! Finished JUST in time. Soooooo pleased. It looked great but I reaslised too late I never took any really great photos. Oh, well!!

My boy got his first kilt and although it is big he looks good!!

Alcatraz Edinbrugh style.  Surreal photo. Scotland. I swear.

Observing Edinburgh from Carlton hill... Lots to think about.

How bloody brilliant is this changing room??? My little one and myself were waiting for my husbund as he was changing clothes... the shop assistant insisted we check out this changing room....
 It was like Narnia! The changing rooms were disguised like wardrobes but inside-- Ta da!

Berlin Graffiti....

The next Berlin development I am sure. Great buildings.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bad old fabric market!

Bad bad bad BAD! But oooooooooh! Next time must take less cash with me... then again at 3 euros a meter can you really complain??

Creamy fabric is a rough cotton- good for printing. Still working on some ideas!
Flower patter would make a brilliant skirt... also quite heavy....

Stretchy stretchy! Great dress.... or maybe soemthing funky for my little one?

More Jersey... only little meters for my little one. T-shirts, PJs and shorts all planned.

For me! Dress or a top- I was thinking maybe a wrap top... or wrap dress!

The grey is thick and stretchy and will catch dust like hell but will make warm easy trousers for my little one. The funky material I am in the middle of making two shirts. I am actually thinkin about stealing some for me. Damn nice material. Hope there is enough,  I do only buy little amounts as one meter goes MILES when you are making t-shirts and clothes for little ones. Love it!

This is the point I am at. I used Ottobre magazine, the last two. I copied an envalope top section ment for a girls dress and then applied it to a t-shirt design. It works really well. The one thing I have learnt that help with envalope t-shirts...
  • ALWAYS find where the original shoulder seam would be and mark it. It helps when you match the front and back to fit in the sleeves.

I saw this on another blog. Use washable felt pens for marking fabric. I am trying it out. I know this wont work on all fabrics but it makes it so much more acurate and faster than chalk. I feel if you sew well enough it shouldn't matter if the pen marks stain a little... right? Hmm, so testing it out.

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