Saturday, 31 March 2012

Felled at the last hurdle!!

A few swear words left mx lips as I found I had not enough batting to put inbetween my quilt. I was working on the assumption I had enough scraps to baste together... sure, enough scraps but all different weights.

So I can only bow my head and say, I did not finish that damn quilt in time.

But I can show you where I got to!

 These were the numbers in their glory ironed and finnished. Talk about scrap busting. I was very pleased all I managed to use up.... and sad too. Some great scraps in there.

I also finished qith my lucky 13. Never had a problem with this number- and it looks nice in red!

 The number four was a little lost in spots and white so I had to stitch around it with a dark thread so it was easier to see.

Asparagus break....

And my numbers in finished but not quite completed state. I also realise I never got a picture of the letters together- oh, well, never mind a small picture of them placed on the floor is ok too.

Ok... so things I would change on a next quilt....
  • I know its a kids quilt but next time I will use less of a wilder colour plate- it was a good scrap bust. I can see dresses, pjamas, shirts..... wow, so many projects and old clothes!!
  • Check to see if I have enough batting in the cupboard!!
I promise to put a picture up when it is done. Might take a while now I have to go and buy batting. Talk about a spanner in the works.


Ricochet said...

A galant effort. I love the scrappy and fun look to your project. I would have never attempted such an endeavor with a baby in the house. Kudos to you! Thanks for everything you've brought to thiis challenge. :-)

Kristin G said...

You should be so proud of your efforts, you did an amazing job of a massive undertaking!!

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