Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Home raid!!

I work in a German kindergarten and we sorely needed more English books but they are so expensive! So I went to charity shops when I was back home- I don't just mean one or two but LOTS! It was actually quite a lot of fun walking out of the charity shops with a whole kids section! It was just a bargin- books from 10 pence to 2.50 (pounds) but after I was getting chunks of 30 pence books I was getting snotty at the 2.50 ones!! Probably just as well!!

There are also other lovely things that just don't tast the same..... the simple things that make you happy on a basic level. These things are important when you live far from home.

What else would someone else from the UK want??


Then my brother gave me a lovely little present. He goes walking in the highlands quite often and look what he found and gave me...

My lovely brother thought that I could use it as a coat hook. Have to say the idea appeals to me deeply- Just have to figure out a way of putting them on the wall so they look good. And, no, before anyone asks and is worried the Stags loose thier antlers naturally. Weird isn't it?

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