Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New beginnings!

I saw a great quilt idea on 'Crazy mom quilts'  and she shows a really great tutorial. I have to say it is really good at eating the scraps you can't part with (who doesn't collect a little?!) but I think my quilt idea might even need some new fabric to help push out some of the colours I am working with. But I am digging my heels in as the whole idea is to work with the hoarded scraps!

This is the idea of the colour pattern with the pieces I had- I originally thought light on inside and dark outside and then vice verca. But now I have arranged it so that there is only colour in the inside and white/s on the outside.

So working from how I did it: It was suggested using paper... I thought I would prefer to use stabalising fabric as some of the materials I am using fray nastily and I hope over all it makes the quilt  little more secure since there are thousands of little seams!!!

So I also decided to make just squares as the triangles were madly fiddly BUT I will use it when my scraps get nastily small.

SCRAP BOMB! I think my poor little sewing machine is drowing!! Have you ever noticed how you really favour one or two colours? Blue is absolutley one I love but strangely I adore green but its hard to find!! I have a few odd scraps in green but blue, oceans of blue!

So this is how the squares look- although I got creative sewing smaller pieces into strips.

Then I cut them into triangles....

Lots of little triangles!!!

But a long way to go!!

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