Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Yeeeeeeeha!! internet!!

I was getting a little fed up! That was FAR longer than expected to get the internet. My husband had to have firm words with the service people on the line-I know they are going through a list of things but at the end of the day being asked once a week if your plugs are plugged in gets on your nerves!!

So.. a photo run down....

God I love it here. You should see it in the Autumn when the leaves make the trees look on fire... or in the summer when the grass is slightly longer and all the wild flowers. Ahhh.....

Blasted dog ruined my fantastic reflections picture. Oh, well. At least the dog was having fun.

Sorry guys... no bread!

Day trip to Sancoussi. I love that place. It is a huge place and gardens... or several palaces and a very large park. It is so elegant and open with gorgeous buildings and wonderful landscaping. I love the fact it is free to get in and you can just gently loose an afternoon sauntering about.

My lovely miri on the way to the team trip (I will just say nice idea- but that trip SUCKED! It was like being stuck in a holiday hell with no way out. I tried to run but there WERE NO BUSES!!! Huge hotel, all you could do was eat and get drunk. My life revolves around more than that. Really, it does. So four of us locked ourselfves away with bottles of wine and cleverly thefted tea- it was all inclusive.)

 Run all you want... IT WONT GET YOU ANYWHERE!!

I hope that was only the wheel rims from those that fell off and not the ones from the tourists they hacked to death. But then we had no car.

Village people. Um.

Pretty cool derelect barn. Yup, not above a little trespassing.

I think thats enough. Too hard up loading, computer is playing silly buggers and I can't see what I upload. Technical faults because of a month of neglect. Will get it sorted and show then rest!

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