Monday, 1 November 2010

Poop to interent connection.

I would love to share some photos and my adventures but the technology here in Berlin is not as advanced as everyone might believe. I wont get any internet for two weeks maybe. It hurts. Sneakily writing stuff on the computer after work and hoping there are no viruses.... I have concidered trading a cup of sugar for a cup of interent with my neighbours but I dont think they will go for that. I have also had a naughty look to see if any wifi's were unlocked but, nope.

So on the funny side, since I am at my work computer... this is Ellie. I love her to pieces. Every morning I give her something to eat and this day the food slipped out of my hand and went all over the floor. I could see the wonderment on her face, or she was screaming 'EEEEEE, not my food!!' Took me ages to pick it up- not like you can chuck the stuff away. Expensive!! But she had her fun and enjoyed my attention as I gave her nibbles from my hand.

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