Thursday, 25 November 2010

Back to what I was up to!!

Check out my Tim Burton style blanket.... has anyone noticed how creative things take always a path of their own?? I was trying to be girly... hmmm. Hope the parents don't mind. Personally I love it!!

Front side.... circles and swirls. (got to grips with the free hand foot. Did you know one way the circles have awful tension?? Thought I was going to tear my hair out but then I tried the other direction and it come out so nicely. Weird.)

Front corner over back.... I did a nice job on the pink edge and on the back you can see the pink I used on the black.... Two different colours for the spool and the top thread... ha ha!!

Detail of the spiral on the back- I varied a little pink and the rest were in black soyou can't really see them. Feels good though.

Detail of edge on back...

Front detail. I know it is not perfect... but it was fun and I got it!!
Just have to sew the edging on and I am done. 

Phew, that took some time inbetween moving.

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