Saturday, 16 October 2010

Moving Day

Flat moving today. My husbands friends have shifted all the large furniture and half the boxes in about an hour. I am so impressed!! The are all huge and strong.

I feel like a dwarf.... I have also been hiding guiltily in the kitchen as I haven't been able to lift anything.

But I am making rools for the troops and coffee.

The boys are at the new flat so I figure I have a good hour of hiding since they now have to carry everything UP stairs- we have really nice friends. Then again I think I have given everyone a quilt for thier kids so I shouldn't feel too bad.

So I am playing on the computer while I still have the internet... only for today and then I will have to slink to internet cafes. AgH!

1 comment:

Ciara said...

Ooh!! Exciting times ahead. I hope you are settling in nicely. It's a bitter sweet affair isn't it? The nostalgia at the empty spaces left behind, with only the ghostly echos of your life there, and at the same time, the excitement of new beginnings.
Happy New House!!

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