Monday, 27 February 2012

Junking, hedghogs and burpy

Look what I found in a junk shop.... I just love it! A staking metal hedgehog- you have just got to love the design of it. By walter Bosse- anytime between the 20's and the 60's. I need to research more. I enjoy the simple fact my rumaging is teaching me something.

Not that my son finds it terribly interesting... but thats ok.

Some lovely berlin graffiti that I found on my travels over the past few days... not that I encourage it but I like the graffics and ideas.....

I found these in a flea market. Isn't it funny when you spot something you see it everywhere? Like the owls? My brother and myself started a 'who can see more game' that then started including elephants, squirrels and oddly camels. There were ALOT. My camera batteries had died or I would have taken photos. But I bought these keys... I want to make a necklace or two. If I find more small keys maybe a bracelet.

 This randomly appealed to me. Just like the colour of the brick and the patterns within.

 One of the many churches I wondered past with my brother. I just liked the angle.

Of course... last but not least... my letter rug quilt thing. I decided the colours were tooooo much so I hacked off the edges around the letters and log cabin styled around them in white. Just to be on the safe side I made sure the letters were resonably random so I can maybe use other fabric for the other letters. Looks good, need to iron and trim.. I have no idea why I make things so difficult for myself.

But then- where is the fun if it is too easy???

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