Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cold snap has hit!

Every year it is the same story. Come Christmas and there isn't any snow I write it off until next year. EVERY YEAR! January rolls in and BAM! It snows and oh, my good grief, is it cold! This year it snuck up... that sneaky Siberian weather front... we were cruising with 10 degrees plus and now it has hit more than 20 degrees celcius below. I was lulled by a real sense of false security and all my terrace plants have been annihilated. I know that next year it will be the same story all over again! Except maybe next year I will be smart enough to haul my herbs in.

 I was getting some odd looks. I promise, there is a small child in there. He was sick so I wrapped him up really well.

Look! There he is. Poor mite. He was kicking up a STINK at being so packed up and as soon as we walked out the door he was really quiet.... funny that!

Cold weather does  make a nice sunset. But I would trade that in for some heat!

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