Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Printers Tray

 I bought this printers tray at a flea market and I love it. My sister had one when I was a child. I constantly misheard the 'Printers' part and heard only 'Princess'. Inside she would put all her little figures that she had been given over the years.. it looked great. As I grew older and started printmaking did I realise the huge error of misunderstanding as I was introduced into the dark arts of printing!! No princess there, but there was something fitting by calling it a 'princess' tray in any case. 

So, when I saw one for sale I just jumped on it.

I ripped off the back as it was beyond help, saftely and repair. I don't put princess things in it... I never got around to putting a back on it but it is handy for storing all those little annyoing things that clutter up tables that you don't want to loose but wish to look at. 

But I have noticed that when the door in the bathroom is closed a little tooooo firmly (like the wind catching it) things have a habit to leap out of the tray.... Can't win it all!

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