Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I think I was a tad bit lazy.

Life just got in the way.... and in my defence it's winter and I hate winter. I feel like everything stagnates. It's dark and cold. Did I mention I am not a huge winter fan??

But on the up side last week for my birthday I was away in Malta. Oh, lucky me!! It wasn't toasty warm but the most important thing is that there was some sun. Oh, sun I love you. I was a little foolish as I didn't cream my face and end result got a little burnt. But I had so much fun... just soooo good to get away.

I made most of my photos on my manual camera and a few on my mobile so I can share the few I have to share!

When we arrived it was quite late- we took a large stroll and I snapped a few things. 

What a combination- 'Born to shop' beside 'Start a party'!!

This was one of the nicest shots. This old fisher man trying his luck on a beautiful day. A cat curled up to his side juat waiting for the catch of the day. It was so peaceful we sat and enjoyed the sun.

This was Maltas idea of disney land. When we were there there was about 5 classes- needless to say we didn't go down. This is apparently where they made a fake village for 'Popeye' the film. It is known as the popeye village. It was so lovely there. What struck me most and made me most sad is that in Malta there are not so many shelterd coves where the fishermen can have their boats. This must have been once quite important...

However, you couldn't help but just want to jump in. I really wanted to swim but the wind was a little fresh and there was also a huge amount of Jelly fish... I don't trust them not to sting!

I feel quite naughty. We were in the catacombs and I used my phone to see what was in one of the large empty crypts. I wanted to see how dep it was and before I realised it 'flash and snap!' I wasn't to use flash...I didn't mean to!! But luckily I wasn't caught so it was ok.

This was wonderful. It was a bird cage in this oasis of flowers and pots.... and the cage was interlinked into the house. There were several loud birds flittering back and forth. Really lovely.

Sometimes the shops really reminded me of Egypt. I can't put my finger on it... but this amused me.. Sheets, towels, curtains. Do you think the owner can really find it all??

Valletta was definately a small city to keep you fit. But I loved the prospectives of up hill and down hill and all the ways the light fell, or didn't!

What a good break. A little heck-tick. Southern countries normally are but the sun was so needed. Winter really stinks.

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