Monday, 3 January 2011

Catch up!

I've been a little lazy last month, I think. I was also busy, but then who isn't around Christmas?? I always think it is highly unfair to work right up to the last minute (christmas eve) since there is no time to buy or just relax. But enough of the moan!

Christmas was wonderful.... we got our new table (hurrah!) just in time (christmas eve!!) and had a nice meal with the whole family.  Space for all and a few decorations inbetween. Large tables are really just the best. Don't you hate it when you are elbow to elbow and food is just not getting in you mouth??

(my husband always makes wobbly photos!)

I always look like such a pixi! Lurking at the end of the table. Good place to be!

We had a small robust, nosey creature holiday with us....

I reorganised my art room but it is still not quite right. The table is moved to another wall... it feels somehow better but still not right!! Annoying. But I still love my printers tray with my threads and bits.... great storage!

And for hogmanay? (New year) We had a good time!

Best wishes for the new year!

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