Monday, 27 September 2010

This is Rabbit #2- The nose is really good- hard to see!! It has a really rabbity look to it.

The body is good... but the bottom half flunked out a bit. I have to work on the legs and the lower body. Back to the drawing board!! This rabbit gets a dress to hide it. Maybe some nice bloomers too.

 My next rabbit will have the arms sewn in the seams so the are a little tougher. Sewing on seperate arms adds a weak zone. Kids can be kind of hard on toys. Haven't sewn the arms on yet- looking really odd.

This was my sketch idea for lower half... still got to work on it.

I was furniture shoping the other week with my huband and he lured me to these- I think he did it deliberately knowing I'd fall in love with it. Each drawer is a letter. I am in love. He says its going to be a cow to dust.... I don't care. Now I just have to find a way to justify buying it. I need to learn the Alphabet? That will maybe not work. Maybe a long list on reasons why I should have it. At the top of my list ' I love it'.

1 comment:

Jodie said...

Hi Gray,
What about button jointed arms - they are so easy and they are pretty strong.
I can talk you through it if you want !
and those drawers ???? You MUST have them...They are the best !!!

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