Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ok, so I work with kids. The weather over this past week was wonderful. Was.

Now its nasty and I wonder if the summer came in went!

I have a class of almost ankle snappers and quite honestly shocked at how many parents forgot hats! Are they crazy?? So I ran up the road and bought some very VERY expensive material and got the nice useless man to cut (aaaaaah) nice 50x50cm squares and quickly tied them on the heads of the kids.

So here is how the strawberry pirate head scarfs are made. It is not rocket science!! Someone asked me for a pattern and I kept telling them there is no pattern!! It is easy as pie I just hope I explain it well. I also don't have any of my little pirates to hand to model for me so I hope it is obvious the elastic is around the BACK of the head and not the front!!

  • Buy some nice and expensive material or use left overs.... This square is roughly 50x50.

  • Then simply make two triangles out of the square

  • Use that fantastic, and at times fraustrating, roll and pin to hem the edges- or you can use bias tape which would look great.
  • When you get to one of the two narrower corners- flip the corner in and manipulate the roll and pin method on it.

  • Once you have finished pining the scarf sew it. You have finished a basic pirate style head scarf! Easy! 


  • You don't have to do this part but it adds a nice touch to the scarf and stops it from falling off. Cut 10x5cm from a scrap of fabric and about 5 cm long elastic (I made this one too big, blast!)

  • Fold the 5cm edge and pin the elastic to it- I made this up as I went along and it worked out really well.

  • Use the roll and pin method- I know sounds weird but it works!! and pin the edges of the 10cm together. It is a little fiddly but not impossible! Sew it shut.
  • Next you want to mark where to put the elastic strip on the head band. I tied the pirate head scarf on the kids head to find where the creases where and worked it out from there. As I found out this can fit small kids as well as big kids (3 years to 8 years and probably older!)


  • Flip the point of the triangle up to the top edge and mark with your nail, pin etc about 15 to 16 cm in. It's not rocket science it doesn't have to be perfect!

  • Do the same for the other corner and mark it.. (can you see the pin?)

  •  Pin the elastic strip down and sew it.  The left over material that hangs down when the scarf is on can be tucked under the leastic. You can also still tie a little knot with the ouside edges, or leave it... as you wish.

I really need a pirate model.

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