Saturday, 12 June 2010

I ripped a hold in my jeans the other week and was really upset. I hate shopping for jeans!! So I thoguht why not make a nice pair of trousers? This bright thought might be my last in the 'lets try and make it yourself' thoughts. I went to the Turkish fabric market and bought 3 meters of nice black material and 3 meters of this great blue material. Both on later inspection maybe a little heavy weight for summer trousers! I was thinking the black might be good for a jacket (I know, I'm laughing at this thought myself) and the blue will do for a trial pair of trousers. The material cost only 2 euros a meter so its not a great loss. I also will have plenty of left overs for other projects. Always good. 

This is the start of my trouser project... I got the copying and cutting out the pattern done, sewed the darts, and then I got stuck on the blasted pockets. I feel as if there is a fault in the instructions or the cutting out instructions but I can't say as this is my first pair of trousers.
I have completely run out of steam to carry on!! I did look at some other blog sites for some help- maybe I can find some somewhere!! The other part I am not looking forward to is the zip... 

hmmm, buying a pair looks oh so attractive now.

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