Monday, 19 November 2012

What I have been up to!

Where does time go?? I had one delicious weekend where I could do as I wished and I managed to sew up a storm. I already managed to sew a pair of these army pants for my little guy- I lined them with a green fleece. These trousers where for a friends daughter so I put blue in them. I tried for pink but the shop had none left. I think it is a popular winter colour!!

Easily done... same patern time two, one in army fabric- trousers form a surplus store cute down to size and the fleece I bought new. Some elastic band and one of those nifty little elastic band holders.


I got given a whole bag of old shirts from a collegue of mine. He would like some shirts and some scarves made for his little guy.. this was the test shirt to see if it all fits. I don't know if you can see but even a bit og the pocket from his shirt was included!! I used the pre-made button panel- ha, why not? Worked out nicely... I just have like another 10 to do. (WHEN??!)

Oh, but it is sooooo much fun!

I bought this amazing lamp in Ikea. Love it. It was hollow and my fabulos brother gave me the simple idea of putting all those collected shells and stones inside it. Genius! Why I collect some much beach stuff I have no idea. At the time the colour looks great or the stone feels nice or really it is just os nice to pick something up and put it in your pocket to think about later. Eventually it lands up on a side table or in a box getting dusty and forgotten... this is such a lovely way to remember stones and shells. The light from the lamp is really very gentle and lights up all the goodies. Sadly they have a tendancy to fall out the bottom when lifted up and I am sure I can fix that with some sort of plug!

I have come to the conclusion I just need more time.

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