Monday, 16 July 2012

Bad old fabric market!

Bad bad bad BAD! But oooooooooh! Next time must take less cash with me... then again at 3 euros a meter can you really complain??

Creamy fabric is a rough cotton- good for printing. Still working on some ideas!
Flower patter would make a brilliant skirt... also quite heavy....

Stretchy stretchy! Great dress.... or maybe soemthing funky for my little one?

More Jersey... only little meters for my little one. T-shirts, PJs and shorts all planned.

For me! Dress or a top- I was thinking maybe a wrap top... or wrap dress!

The grey is thick and stretchy and will catch dust like hell but will make warm easy trousers for my little one. The funky material I am in the middle of making two shirts. I am actually thinkin about stealing some for me. Damn nice material. Hope there is enough,  I do only buy little amounts as one meter goes MILES when you are making t-shirts and clothes for little ones. Love it!

This is the point I am at. I used Ottobre magazine, the last two. I copied an envalope top section ment for a girls dress and then applied it to a t-shirt design. It works really well. The one thing I have learnt that help with envalope t-shirts...
  • ALWAYS find where the original shoulder seam would be and mark it. It helps when you match the front and back to fit in the sleeves.

I saw this on another blog. Use washable felt pens for marking fabric. I am trying it out. I know this wont work on all fabrics but it makes it so much more acurate and faster than chalk. I feel if you sew well enough it shouldn't matter if the pen marks stain a little... right? Hmm, so testing it out.

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janul said...

I love your pictures of fabric! Good luck with sewing!

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