Friday, 6 April 2012

T-shirt crazy

My little bug is growing so fast. I know buying kids shirts doesn't cost the world but I have been trying my hand at sewing my own. I have been recycling old shirts and mixing them in with new fabric bought at the fabric market. Can you go wrong for 3 euros a meter? 

I had some subtle rude noises from my husband that this blue flowery material is not for boys... there wasn't very much on offer for boys! Never is! So, too bad!! 

Then I stumbled over this tutorial over at MADE.... coupled with this tutorial at omi creates I think I might just have a new t-shirt style. Would save on those darn popper buttons- they are expensive or fiddling about with sewing button holes. (my tip, do it before you put the shirt together, the button foot is not forgiving to lumps of sewn seams).

So... that is my next project. I am getting good frown lines with the whole sleeve thing- the omi pattern doesn't have one, want them but the pattern I have the sleeves are different....
Think it will work but
Don't know if you don't try-right?

1 comment:

janul said...

These are so cute! I love the blue flower fabric.

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