Wednesday, 7 March 2012

upcycling or is it recycling?

Sometimes the cost of Fabric is just too much. I have some adorable patterns for kids but the really nice stretch fabrics cost a TON!

But since I am no expert and need lots of practice.... not to mention screwing up expensive fabric is not an option.... all hail my husbands pile of old t-shirts!!!

 Yeah! I was able to get a whole long sleeved shirt out of one t-shirt- 

Tip: the back of a t-shirt is bigger as the neck line is not so long so you can get sleeves and a front/or back out of it.
AND! I was also able to re-use the neck collar. Damn that was an unpicker job from hell.

As for stitches I have read zig-zag at varying heights and strengths.... pretty much tested all out on each hemming area. Yup, an overlocker (serger) would be great but this has to do and will do.

 The shoulder side button worked really well. The pattern was for a front button but I like the shoulder ones so I juat adapted the pattern from studying a shirt we already have.

Stay still bug!
  Happy bug in new shirt! Happy mama doesn't need to buy one, and it was fun making it!

So next project....

One Pair...

 Two pairs....

8 pairs!

I have a really great idea for these. I think I have enough. I got them from an army surphlus store cheep as pie because of holes and faulty zips. I just wish I had been able to get hold of more types- you know the desert combat, or the snow, navy... or even combat from other countries--- but no.... well, I suppose it doesn't work. Still... the worked ones have slight variations in colour.

Ha. Apart from looking absolutely insaine.. this will be good. Stay posted for what will come of them.... it will be good. This I know! =) 

Pleased as punch at this idea.

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Pam said...

Upcycling, recycling, refashioning... I interchange them all the time. Great use of your husband's t-shirt!!! The new top looks great!!!

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