Monday, 11 July 2011

Stitching a rhino

I am now onto making a soft toy.

Rhino!! I made a rabbit... everyone makes a rabbit... or a bear... something else. I had some great inspiration from a friend!

 I forgot how much fun they are to do. I made some really nice sensible Rhino sketches and then had a hell of a hard time figuring out how the body should look like realised into fabric with gussets and seams... Then I realised I was going about it all the wrong way and its a soft toy and ment to be a little more fun, not so realistic.

This is the head- it worked really well. An amusing side line is if you take off the horns the shape of the body looks like a hamster. I have a feel soft toy making it rather like picture cloud spotting.

Now the body and head together. Needs to be fatter.... a lot fatter. Who can boast that one?!

 At this stage without his horns he looks a little like a panther or a really confused and lost cow. I know the body is quite triangular but again I think it will be ok when the legs are on. Again, I can always fatten this up!

So now... the big question... How on earth do I attatch the horns? Hand sewing sure but this should be yank proof...Poor rhino will loose his horns and I will have the WWF on me!

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