Friday, 29 July 2011

Quite a few projects on the go!

I love it when there are a few projects that are being dabbled in all at once! The only problem is that completing them takes quite a little longer- up side you don't get fraustrated and stuck in a rut.

This is something I really need to get a move on and stop just admiring my finds. I went home to scotland and I found some really lovely beach shells and stones. I would like to make a mobile with them. Toying with the idea of using an old lampshade to hang if off but I need an old lamp shade first!! 

I have seen quite a few of these on various crafting sites and was really nosey to see what it would look like and how hard they woud be to do.... I am in the middle of a jersey rag rug. Nicely enough there were some old sheets that would have been thrown so I grabbed them and ripped them up. I think that was the most annoying part- it takes a while ripping it up. I was maybe toying with the idea of dyeing them...

I saw this really great quilt on ''. I loved the way the light came through it and thought I could maybe make a really nice curtian! I am trying out the fabrics and the colour combinations. The fabrics were hard to find- and my big mistake could be that they are not cottons... I am really taking my time with this one as I'd like to make a good job at it.... might envolve getting other material.

And lastly my hunting gallery continues. With my proto-type Rhino head I sewed it up and will mount it on the wooden board I cut out. Just a little humour for my brother... he he he!

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