Saturday, 4 December 2010

Winter is here

This is what we are seeing outside our windows at the moment. The snow is quite heavy out there, but Berlin being Berlin nothing shuts down. Tough luck.... I envy all my British friends and their free days as everything can't cope with the snow or cold. I love the church tower- it reminds me of my time in Italy.

So we wondered around some Christmas markets today. A little disappointing but the food and drinks are always good! Yummy pig on a spit. The plastic knives and forks might as well been a spoon for all the use they were.

 I love the fairy lights everywhere.

The ceramic stands are always great. I really like looking and admiring but the problem is that what on earth would you do with half of it if you bought it? My husband calls them 'dust catchers'. I think he might be right but it never stops me looking.

This was the sorriest excuse for a Christmas market, not even one decent craft stall worth drooling over. I felt sorry for the horses but they looked very well looked after. But, the mulled wine stall here was superb. Quite a few sorts- with rum, amerreto etc. mmmm!

In the middle of november we had soem freaky waarm weather- it got up to about 16 degrees! Quite alot of flowers and plants started flowering. This is one of the poor victims.

After we went for a small stroll on the water as the sun started setting. 

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