Thursday, 16 September 2010

Boring update on the flat- well, boring to anyone else!! But I am so excited...

So door closed...

ah, blurry. But new door!! Its like a little cubby hole door way- room for books in there. Secretly I want to get rid of that horrible built in wardrobe-the red thing in the background (HATE IT!) and make the wardrobe in this entrance room.... ah, but for now its a great space for books. I have enough!! =)

Also this room will be my sewing and craft room. oh joy!! A table to bookbind and craft on. A wall I can put pictures up on and a space that I can leave messy and not have to worry. Aaaaa, dreams are made here.

Long hallway with a door way now- breaks the lines and I like it! Before it felt a little too long- I am sure if you were humerous you could put some sort of Alic and wonderland optical illusion and make it really long.

That will be the kitchen and those doors still to be put in.

All tiles are out... radiator to be put on the wall where the window is.... wooden floors to be laid. (this will be the bedroom, was the kitchen!)

Ah... holes need to be filled. Oh, look how big the bedroom door is- makes me laugh. Obviously was because it was the kitchen. Funds don't stretch to make the door smaller so I will carry on laughing. Good thing- over the door large glass pane... ok, ok, not so good but i have my hopes on a nice stain glass window. I saw a lovely one one year with birds and blossom (it was really lovely) in a market and hoping to find something like that. Might have to tack up some fabric till then.

Ahhhhh- a hole in our floor!!!

So you can see the will be bedroom with the huge door (and glass window!), the edges of the kitchen, and the balcony. Fab huh?

Only ONLY Germans would wear sandles to work in. And I bet with socks. I felt like leaving a helpful note on them but I thought I would like my flat to look nice so I laughed and took a picture instead.

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