Friday, 20 August 2010

Wow... another friend is having a baby.. quilt time! I saw this really great quilt on 'cluck cluck sew' and realy want to try it out.

So today I was at the market that sells fabric really cheep and hit the first big dilema- what bloody colours? I bought one flowery pattern and it seemed to have a good colour palette in it already and will try to keep to it as much as possible.... but oh, how I love colours!!

I got stung in the market by a wasp which put me off from buying more fabric- could have been a good thing. Was sure it was amusing, one moment to the next flapping my wrist and yelling 'you little bugger' in a Turkish market will get you some odd looks.

This is the first stage of my lovingingly called 'hit and run' blanket... I haven't really planned to sit down and plan it too much- the circle quilt looks really quite straight forward. Maybe when I am down to sorting the colours out I will get more methodical. Until then its just as it happens.

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Ciara said...

Nothing like starting a new project! Love how everyone seems to be posting about crafting projects. Must be the looming Autumn!

And I LOVE your photos of your holiday in Denmark!

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