Monday, 16 August 2010


Ok, so two weeks holiday in Denmark was great. I can't tell everything- I feel it would be rather boring to anyone not there... but a short run down....

The view from the living room... sneakily in first day planted art materials on table....

 My friend Miri Late night sketching and my brother in the background.

Stones!!! It was a stony beach and lots of fun collecting and building with stones...

On the hunt for Amber and fossils.... (no, there really wasn't anything here. Found that later)

The stones with the holes in it are called (tanslated) 'Chicken gods'. They used to collect them for luck, and put them in the hen house to encourage them to lay more eggs. Like a fertility symbol. I found hundreds of them and played around with view points. I think they are still quite prized as lucky symbols.

EVERYONE had a treasure nest of stones. This was mine at the begining- I had to put many back as I collected more. My brother had a habit of licking the stones to find out the colour as the colours are stronger when wet. (urk) Although they would make the most amazing shower tiles. Hmmmm.

This is the beach where the fishing boats come in. They are towed up onto shore by tractors. No harbour here.

This was outside an art Gallery come tea shop. I likes the contrast of the fishing floats and the windows..

Bunker Museum at Hansholm. Not my thing at all but it was interesting enough. It is just so depressing and sad.

Hansholm again... the harbour where the fishing fleet is. The boys stopped to fish off the harbour and Miri and I drew boats.

Chicken god, chicken god....

Beach fun.

First time I have seen rain, sun, lightening all at once. I didn't know if I should swim or run for cover. So I sat with my brother, had a beer and watched it all go crazy.

It was a dark stormy night.... no, actually sunny stormy day and the boys had a sauna and a swim in the sea. Crazy crazy.

Myself and my husband.

We took a trip to this wondering sand dune. It swallowed a lighthouse and a village.

Night walks along the beach.

 Long walks on the beach...

The boys enjoyed the sun sets with a drink.

Ahhhh, treasure hunting!!

My brother and I.

The morning we left I woke up at 5.30am. I just couldn't sleep... What I saw when I looked out of the window was fanstastic.... The mist was sitting on the dunes and the sun was just begining to rise. It was so beautiful.

Lets see what two weeks of sea inspiration can bring.

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