Sunday, 9 May 2010

Went to a flea market and came out with a printers draw... I think they are so fantastic. I have some fun ideas about what to do with it but first I had to rip the back off it.

 Some smart arse had decided to take off the original back and put thick paper in there.... it was obviously stored somewhere damp and the paper had buckeld. I first tried to cut the pieces out before I realised how stupid it was so ripping off the back was really the only option!!

 The wood on the back was a bit flaky and nasty with rusty nails.... so it was just as well!!

 Without a back it looks really great and now I am deciding if I really want to put a back on and... actually maybe I could do something interesting with it. Options are now open!

I wanted to go to another flea market but we miss judged the times and missed it. Instead we went and had a nice beer in a small bar on the water. There were some gutsy ducks and some really sweet baby ducklings.

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