Sunday, 11 April 2010


Had a really lovely weekend in Stralsund.... I think the pictures say more than anything. I was just os happy to get out of Berlin and find myself on the sea... and to boot most of the houses were medevil or older. We took a day trip to Rugen along the chalk cliffs and walked along the stony beaches.... Everyone was looking for Amber but I was actually looking for Fossils. We found ourselves Knee deep in a mud slide along the beach with no way round, a muddy way back and I found a sea urchin!! It is so weid seeing something I know to be so fragile in stone.

We also went to an Easter Bonfire- so pagan it was wonderful!! The only problem is the weather was against the whole event and the fire had to be put out. Everyone was not sooo happy. I wish it wasn't put out- it was right by the sea on the beach and there was beer and sausages- it would have been a good party!!

It was such a pleasure I really want to go back.

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Elly said...

love these photos - seems a wonderful place

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