Sunday, 21 February 2010

I had some luck today- the sun was shining and it made my wind chime look quite lovely... I pulled out a brush and dusted it down.

This piece of quartz came from a Glacier in Norway.

This is a wind chime I made a few years ago.... I used all sea materials apart from some pices of 'china' I bought in a ceramic fair. The black grey pieces sound wonderful with the shells... I also pushed beach stones and ceramics into a piece of beach wood

I wanted a strong piece of drift wood but it was quite weak. Too much salt water and sun! If I remember correctly I found the wood in Lapland, the shells are from scotland, the stones from a place in Italy. The grey coloured pieces of ceramic were a special Japanese form of baking ceramic- they heat it to a really hot temperature so that it almost burns the clay. I loved the imprinted images- It made me think about all the lovely peices of pottery I found on the beaches in scotland as a child.

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