Tuesday, 29 December 2009


That was a crazing rush to Christmas. I had to finnish off my quilt- I realised I had to re-make the back because the 'cuddly' material I had chosen was too stretchy and it pulled. That ment when I lay it falt it rumpled! That was a hairy last week- I have never sewn and cut out so quickly- serves me right for thinking I could have gotten away without making the back properly!! So I had to cut out lots of squares (panic look for the right materials) and put it together.... But I managed to get it done... just!

So I am now relaxing. What a nice Christmas I had in Berlin. I love all the traditional Christmas decorations here. It will take gettnig some used to having Christmas on the 24th but the Christmas here stretches over two more days... thats fun!

I was given a dress manikin... now I am planning what I can make!

Bring on 2010!

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