Friday, 20 November 2009

I have been digging about my illustrations... I wonder if there is anyone interested in them?

I love my snails... they came about when I worked in a kindergarten with almost no books. It was so fraustrating and so sad I made my own and the snails were the outcome. I can always make stories up with these guys.

This was an image I felt and dreamt about too... I could see all the underwater creatures and thier feelings. I wanted to explore this in fabric somehow- a quilt maybe. I wanted the windows- its make it less clear, more secretive somehow. Its definately a work in progress.

These make me laugh- I drew them when I had a thing for sea horses- I don't know why but I could really visualise them so clearly..... swiming fast, being dozey and playing around. They are some images I can always play with some more.

This was a strange image I had in my dreams... It was a waking dream. I sometimes see images and colours so clearly that I don't feel happy unless they are on paper. I always felt there was more here or I could work on it in another way/colour.

I did this one with another in a colour fury. I had been day dreaming of mixing hot and cold colours. I was so pleased with the out-come.

These ones were sketches I worked on again and again. I did this when I was on holiday in the Faroe islands. There is a place I would love to run away to. I love it there so much. What I loved about the shell were the colours, and the size of it!!

I love to make pictures...

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